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Kana Higashino is a Japanese and Chinese-Singaporean artist currently based in London. She graduated from Chelsea College of Arts with a BA Fine Art Degree in 2018. Working primarily with performance and video, she works with themes of intimacy, femininity, and identity. Additionally, to being an artist and aspiring curator, she is also an illustrator for Shades of Noir. She is the lead of a Shades of Noir publication titled, “Negotiating Race, Sex and Class” coming out soon. 

Tina Wetshi completed her undergraduate degree in History and Politics at Queen Mary. in  Having worked in fashion her MA work combines the two interests of history, politics and culture with fashion to explore class, capitalism and social hierarchy. In 2018 she co-founded fashion and arts platform Colèchi which is a collaborative learning space for people redefining fashion, art and design. Colèchi has collaborated with organisations such as WeWork, Makerveristy and Peckham levels, has had guest speakers including fashion design duo Fyodor Golan, British-Nigerian fashion designer Yemzi and design agency STUDIO BLUP. In 2019 the platform was featured in Gal-dem and Sister Magazine.  

Yuehan He is an artist from China. After completing her BA in Visual Arts at York University in Canada, she then went on to study Fine Arts at the University of California, San Diego. She plays with a variety of media, such as oil painting, metal sculpture and installation, her work has been showcased at Gales Gallery in Toronto. She collaborated with 'Literature vs Traffic', an installation art project for the Nuit Blanche Art Festival in Toronto, and worked in the Special Events Department at San Diego Museum of Art. 

Illustrations by Kana Higashino

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