Our Story

ARtCH  a collective of students from MA Culture, Criticism and Curation at Central Saint Martins. As part of their course, the students were asked to start a research project about art fairs. During this process, the group realised how little they knew about the economic and commercial aspect of the art world. This led to a series of interviews and surveys with both students and industry professionals, in the means to understand how students feel about art, the art world, and arts education.  Having realised that a large number of students feel disconnected to the art market, the students formed ARtCH. ARtCH aims to help bridge the gap between students and the art world. 

Our mission is to…

  1. Create a better understanding of the art market. 

  2. Identify the issues and barriers within the existing commercial art market.

  3. Develop an ethical and transparent process for collecting and displaying research. 

  4. To identify and assist under-represented groups in the creative industry.

  5. Create a platform for UAL students and alumni. 

  6. Establish a legacy project to be continued for the following years to come.

  7. Develop a sustainable practice within a non-profit business model.

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